few weeks ago ...

I made this ... in a sort of XVIe century style ...
I just put a few more touches of white and leave it ...

here is a larger view of my " apples "

. 65x54 cm

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  1. Ah ! les pommes voilà bien un sujet inepuisable , les votres sont une réussite , à bientôt

  2. ah c'est sympa Jacques, merci d'être passé :)
    oui, je n'ai pas fini de peindre des pommes !!! :D

  3. C'est beau aussi une pomme coupée...
    On y voit l'étoile ou les petits couffins des graines (c'est ce que je raconte à mes petits élèves !!)

  4. merci Evelyne ! j'avais acheté ces pommes exprès pour les peindre , elles ont fini en une délicieuse compote :) je contemplerai leur coeur la prochaine fois , c'est un sujet qui revient régulièrement :) très bon week end !

  5. Une seule chose à dire : à croquer ;-)

  6. Dear Isa,
    very nice, I love the colours.
    Can you please explain me, what do you mean with "a sort of XVI century style"? It sounds interesting.
    Heartily, Ariane.

  7. hi Ariane ! first a simple drawing with black pen, and after some yellow ocre everywhere , put a few colors on it very lightly ( named " glacis "), and the white in last position ... a very traditional technique, based mainly on drawing very used for example by Memling and his friends ( as long I can compare :)) ... http://img.over-blog.com/430x600/1/90/29/25/Divers/naturemorte.jpg

  8. Merci Margotte , bonne semaine !

  9. Hello, dear Isa,
    at morning I tried to comment, but it didn't work.
    Thank you for explanation, I got it now.
    I've been to an exhibition of Philipp Otto Runge yesterday. For example he drew on a brown paper with white and black or dark brown crayon. Very glossily.

  10. I discover his work , very poetic !!!

  11. Every time I visit you, I go back to look at these apples. And every time I think of Cezanne; your work is more beautiful than I can even try to describe.

  12. thank you to all your visit and friendship !!!